Katharina Reulecke

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Get the most out of your project

You don't just want an interpretation, you want a translation of the highest standard. With professional competence and adapted to the situation and the subject. Natural, human, with emotion and without tiring monotony.


Put the finishing touches on your project with personality and presence.


I help you to personally address and involve your international partners, to inspire and to thrill them.

DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - Consulting interpreter Berlin

Tailor-made expertise

Do you win your customers mainly through their trust in your expertise? Do you also want to convey your content precisely to your German partners? I am exactly the person to support you in this.

With a professional academic degree in interpreting specifically in medicine, natural sciences, and engineering, I understand how to interpret complex content in your field like no other interpreter.

With a Latin certificate as a basis, I can easily work with your partners in their specialist language, especially in the field of medicine.


DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - Safely overcome language and cultural barriers!
Do you really understand these guys?! I will help you to do so!


At home in both cultures

Your deep understanding of the needs of your business partners is a guarantee for their satisfaction and loyalty. But shouldn’t your international customers also feel understood and in good hands?


With me, you can be sure that your project is in the best hands.

I interpret both language directions and have lived in Germany and the UK for a long time. This makes me the ideal person to help you overcome language and cultural barriers.


DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - Safety through quality guarantee
The famous Kramer Bridge has reliably stood for centuries.

No nasty surprises

You need quality assurance to implement your goals also on an international level and to open up new markets, break dams and bring all parties to the table?


You can rely on my professional and qualified support as a MA conference interpreter. My work and approach are based on the professional code of conduct of my professional association, the Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD), and comply with the DIN standard 2347 for conference interpreters.

This means that you can rely on prudent and forward-looking personal assistance with quality assurance and guaranteed confidentiality right from the start.

Conference interpreting - What's behind all this?


DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - sworn interpreter & translator for English and German, Berlin

Sworn interpreter & translator

English < > German

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DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - conference interpreter MA (UK), English-German, Berlin

MA Interpreting & Translation

British Master's degree in conference interpreting  and translation

German (A), English (B)

DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - expert interpreter for medicine, natural sciences and engineering, English-German, Berlin

German State Exam for Interpreters & Translators

German (A), English (B)

Subjects: medicine, natural sciences, engineering


DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - Member of the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD)
DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - Member of the German Association of Interpreters & Translators (BDÜ)

DOLMETSCHERSERVICE - highly-skilled conference interpreter, consulting and organisation, expert interpreting in medicine/natural sciences/engineering, English-German, Berlin

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