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my (very special) interpreting projects at a glance:

April 2024

Worldwide '24 – McDonalmania in Barcelona

Major events – a special challenge for interpreters

McDonald's Worldwide Convention 2024:

  • 4 days
  • 18 000 visitors
  • 1000 employees


  • 8 languages
  • 16 interpreters
  • 2 stages


...and I'm right in the middle of it!

That means:

  • More responsibility
  • More teamwork
  • More concentration
  • More self discipline


...and an unforgettable experience!

22 October 2023

Consecutive interpreting assignment at the large Mannheim power plant – new horizons in energy technology

Introducing the new river heat pump

As the interpreter for the technical training of the employees, I spent a week translating in English and German, immersing myself in the world of energy innovation.


While supporting the communication between the international experts and the dedicated employees, I was able to witness first-hand how the team expanded their knowledge and prepared for the latest challenges in the energy industry.


A key aspect of my interpreting assignment was not only to translate the words, but also to facilitate the valuable exchange of knowledge. It was inspiring to see how the team used the English language training to deepen their understanding while ensuring that the German employees were able to benefit from this technology.


This experience at the large Mannheim power plant not only enriched me, but also reminded me how important it is to build bridges between different cultures and languages to promote innovation and progress.


As an interpreter, I am proud to contribute and I look forward to participating in such exciting projects in the future.